We have created ZenithBrands to deliver exclusive Brand Names, logo type and associated top .COM domain names.

ZenithBrands by 3wPlanet
With a 15+ years of experience on researching and delivering business names, corporate identity guidelines and company logos type 3wplanet has created ZenithBrands.
ZenithBrands has been researching and saving great business name and domain names for decades that are now ready to be released and sold.
Save time! The process of finding a corporate identity brand name can take months in research. With ZenithBrands names are saved & registered so they are ready to be transferred for your use in days!
Get yout domain name and logo type. All the domains for sale are owned by us ZenithBrands/3wplanet and logos are exclusively designed by us.
Exclusive Branding Services options are also available; based on your requirements audit and business marketing targets a corporate graphic guideline and logo type for your business will be created.

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