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flexible small team structure allows us to work closely with our clients

Less is MORE & Sustainability

Hello, I am Alex Lacorne, I have created 3wplanet in 1998, at that time internet was only emerging.
At 3wplanet in the course couple of decades I have created hundreds of websites for a variety of businesses with a range of needs. In the design process I always kept in mind the size of the elements in use for bandwidth and server resources.
Keeping the web slim from unnecessary energy consumption and bandwith has always been an obvious choice.

Through the years the technology has evolved and changed extremely rapidly. The essence of creating web experiences with low energy consumption application definitely died with the emergence of CMS like WordPress and its templates.
Bye, bye creativity hello standardize design for the mass with massive energy consumption per website.

By 2020, digital industry could account for 10% of the world's electricity consumption and will surpass the civil aviation sector for CO2 emissions!

Because of the rise of environmental issues that jeopardizes the future well-being of our specie, 3wplanet will do it's best to raise awarness on these global issues.

Therefore our Design interface must be simple, functional and suitable for the task. The function will dictate the form. If we've done our homework, if we have not compromised on the process, the aesthetics will follow. Functionally driven design is usually minimalist. "Less is more !"

Our clients:

Proudly served the following clients:
Abraham Rug Gallery / ADpresence / Anjelica's Restaurants / Antique Rug Company / Ark Construction & Development / Baby Cadeaux, INC / BizCurrency.com / Blue Fish Sushi Restaurants / BOA Restaurants / BOULEE / Brandstorm, inc. / CauseLight entertainment / Caspers Constructions, inc. / Charcoal Restaurants / COLCOA Film Festival / David E. Adler, Inc - Oriental Rugs / Delices Napoleon Inc / Dating Circles / Eastern Watch Los Angeles / Electronic 4 Me / EPSON / Eurobrews / Eurobubblies / European Flavors / Exandal, Inc. / Fairway Commercial Partners / FEDChex, Inc / FEDCOM - Monaco / F.C.T.I - Nationwide ATM Network / ForStrategy Consulting / French American Chamber LA / GREEN IN 7, inc. / Giving Solution .org / Global Soul Music / GOA Hollywood / Grubb & Ellis - The Office Group / Hamon Associates / HCI Environmental & Engineering / Hitciti Music Productions / I Can Eat It - Gluten-Free Food / International Financial Institution of CA / Innovative Network Consulting, Inc. / Innovative Dining Group / J.H. Minassian & CO. / Judith Wilson Interior Design Group / JustDOWN Stairs, Restaurants / Katana Restaurant / Kish Rigging, INC. / Laguna Films / LA Envelope, Inc. / Make-A-Wish Foundation / MESC / Misuma Holdings / Montana Ave Merchant Association / Laura Karpman - Emmy-winner / Lionel Deluy Photography / Los Angeles Photo Directory / Lusive Design Interior / Mafter Bourgeat, USA / MCE-International, Inc. / Me Productions Retail Designer / Misuma Holdings / Mobilec-EV / Moore Real Estate Group / Multi-Sail Windsurfing Sails / Casero, Inc. / Origine Oils and Vinegars / Ports O'Call Restaurant / Power Handling, Inc. / RBZ, LLP / Reynolds Sailing LLC / Rug Affair / Sachs & Associates / Santa Monica Distillery / Salt Creek Grille Restaurants / Sewing Collection, Inc. / Siegel / Lillo / Southland Surgical Associates. / SpaTopia Franchise llc / Staub usa - Cookeware / Sushi-Roku Restaurants / TAGERIM / Tahiti Film Festival / Take it hot - Beverages / Trade Solutions Group / TV5 MONDE / YMA – Beverages / Valdazur / Wokcano Cafe / Woven Accents - Rug Gallery / WinstantPay / WW4X.com / ZWILLING GROUP