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We specialize in organic SEO website optimization

All websites created by 3wplanet are made considering visual style without compromising on search engine visibility. A series of important elements make the site friendly for search engine indexing and optimized search results. We specialize in creating top organic search results for your website in focus with your keywords and key phrases target.

Primary Goal for Organic SEO:

Generating leads (positive traffic) from Organic* search engine results placement. (*without using advertising, also named Natural SEO).
To make it simple SEO is used to get a better ranking on specific a search terms in search engines results.
The first step in SEO is finding the proper set of keywords for which we want to optimize search results for.

Phase I – Analysis

In the case we want to target a defined “population”. We will have to research and identify what specific terms and type of search this “population” do. Also you may want to push particular product or an event like a “promo”.

Phase II- Optimization

Than we can start the site and page optimization for specific search “keyword” or “key phrase” .
This involves many visible and invisible elements on the site to be adjusted. The focus is to increase ranking results for our given keywords strategy.
In most cases we change the site structure, URL structure and programming structure as well.
Since we specialize in Organic SEO, ranking results take longer to show (2 to 3 months) but they are sustainable in the long run. They do not drop down at the end of the campaign. A campaign timeline is generally around 4 to 6 months, results last for years.

Phase III- Monitoring and adjustments

During campaign we monitor results of the campaign weekly and adjust strategy depending on competition and search results.
Even though if your site is not an ecommerce, down the line people searching for products or services online need to find your brand, so you can increase brand visibility, reinforcing Brand strength and sales down the line.

Cost of SEO:

Cost is based on the targeted keywords value (competition value). Based on keyword term target we can assess the competition and a budget for the campaign. Campaign is generally run for a 4 to 6 months minimum.

Showcase on World Largest French Film Festival

3wPlanet has been part of the success of COLCOA since 2007. During this period, the annual showcase of French films in Hollywood has grown to become the first festival in the world dedicated to French cinema.
Francois Truffart | Executive Producer