Managed web solutions & Custom web dev

We develop and manage productivity tools specific to your business needs.

Why rely on a pre-built solutions that is standardized for the masses, when you can have a 'custom-made' website or application built in accordance with your business or individual requirements. You can achieve a competitive advantage by using web technology more efficiently than your competitors.

A PURPOSE built solutions

Will simplify your internal processes and routine business tasks to make your day to day operations a more productive experience. By reducing cost, streamline processes and reduce co2 impact*.

Your are not alone!
At 3wPlanet we manage your web solution

At 3wPlanet we provide a exceptional level of support and maintenance from the moment we get started on your project. The success of your business is our business.

  • We monitor your website
  • Your website is always online
  • We manage and own the web servers where your site is hosted
  • Data Backups
  • Health monitoring
  • Your website is state of the art, incorporating new technologies and advanced third party solutions
  • Traffic stats and analyses will be available to you so you can keep track of your site’s progress
  • Support is available 24/7 not just by a technician but by a team member that knows your solution

* More about GREEN website design and GREEN web hosting

Custom Solution for Cookware Manufacturer

Custom Backoffice Solution for Environmental Engineering