Green website development and technologies

At 3wPlanet we believe that web technology and smart design is a key of moving business forward to a sustainable future.
In a majority of businesses lots of day to day processes can be exported to the web, meanwhile reducing CO emission and gaining time and productivity. Streamlining your work process on the web might just be what your business need to start reduce its impact on the planet.

A GREEN website will: (and not limited to...)

  • Reduce printed material
  • Reduce company support load
  • Reduce regular snail mail
  • Reduce customers travel emission
  • Reduce employee time
  • Reduce expenses
  • Outreach to worldwide customers

GREEN Web Hosting

We own and manage our servers! Our clients benefit from this preferred environment. Our servers are never running out of memory. They have all resources ready for high traffic impact. Also you are not on your own when you host with us, technical staff is familiar with your setup to respond quickly on any issues. We also compensate the carbon impact for our servers to offer GREEN hosting. View RECs certificat (PDF) with

GREEN web hosting has many definitions today...

To us, being green means we are conscious of the environmental impact of our energy consumption and taking active steps to give back. We are generating zero carbon emissions at our data center and office facilities by purchasing Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) known also as Carbon Offsetting Program to compensate our servers impact meanwhile we move our infrastructure with a 100% green powered environment.

However until we have 100% recyclable and compostable computers, truly sustainable green web hosting will not be possible. Your support helps us to support values based vendors and renewable energy providers. Every purchase we make is done with careful consideration of the environmental and social ramifications of that purchase. Currently we use energy efficient servers and our office is paperless.

Data Center: (99.8% up time since 1998)
Located in Orange County it features a FM-200 Fire Suppression System, 1GBPS MultiFiber Connection, redundant backup power and an advanced security system. .